Saturday, 28 August 2010

Your homework for Unit 7

No.  We are not doing this as homework.

Unit 7 is about describing people.  Page 82 includes personal ads - ads designed to help you find a date, a boy- or girl-friend, or a spouse.  Below are some more, with explanations.  You homework is to make your own personal ad and respond to one or two others.

---ESL Class is not meant to be a place to find dates!---
You can lie.  You should not include personal contact information.  You should let me know who you are and you can describe your class room and time. Again: Beware of releasing personal information online!

Examples of personal ads with explanations:
"DWF, 44, nice body seeks nice stable man for walks on the beach and sunset dinners"
DWF- Divorced White Female.  Students will probably be SAM (Single Asian Male) or SKF (Single Korean Female).
stable man would be one with a stable job, unlikely to move away.
Walks on the beach and sunset dinners - My opinion is that this is a romantic woman who is not really interested in late night parties. She likes simple, natural things.  You could write about dancing, sporting events, Night clubs, parties, going to the library....
This one's creepy:
ATTACHED 58 year old doctor, caring, youthful seeks intelligent attractive woman for a discrete special relationship. All cultures welcome.
Attached = he's married.

This Large Personal Ad cost $340 to run.
Needless to say, on our first date, we'll be going Dutch.

Attractive SWM, 28, 6'1", 170 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, seeks pretty SWF with great sense of humor.  And restaurant coupons.

Single white male, 28 years old.  6'1" - American system = 183 cm.  170 lbs = 76kg.  The 'restaurant coupons' bit is more humor.

From here.

Now, make your own.  Remember, there are a lot of 20 year old, black haired boys and girls in class - tell us something interesting about yourself - or lie!